October 19, 2000, I brought Thunder into your office. She belonged to a neighbor who had sadly neglected her. She had a collar studded with large staples which was supposed to act as birth control. She was sick with respiratory infection and had recently given birth to yet another litter. She was maintained by her owner to catch rats. She had only 3 teeth!

You said that if we could find her a good home, you would neuter her for no charge. November 8, 2000 she was neutered at your clinic and the next day went to her new home. Thunder now lives a life of luxury with her new family. She is wonderful with their three children, and loves to sleep at night with her mom and dad under the comforter!"

Thank you for helping us give Thunder a wonderful new life.

Marilyn B.

I noticed my 10-year-old cat, Mecca, was getting thin. She was so thin in fact that I could put my fingers around her neck. I brought her into your office, and a diagnosis was quickly forthcoming. Hyperthyroidism. If I had brought Mecca in any later, she could have died. You started her on an immediate surgical and medical treatment.

I brought her home soon after, and one morning before I left for work she choked on a pill, and I rushed her into your office as quickly as I could. You comforted me again, and calmed my kitty, giving her oxygen and making absolutely sure she was OK before sending her back home with me. You also counseled me on the "cat burrito" method of wrapping her in a towel for pilling. That stuff really works!

You saw us through a difficult and scary time, reassured me and my husband, and took only the best care of our little girl.

Now, Mecca is healthy and back to her old kitty self again. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care and attention you gave, not only to Mecca, but to us. Thank you, Dr. Carver.

The Lin Family